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bjc Coral


Series - Acabados

Frames to embellish

    Wheat yellow
    Ocean blue
    Reflex brown
    Magic black
    Matt nickel
    Matt gold
    Murano red
    Science screen


    Shadow grey
    Moon silver


    Lava grey
    Shadow grey
    Pearly gold
    Moon silver


bjc Coral


Switch mechanisms are provided with silver contacts of the utmost purity (900/1.000) together with high preservation and performance. Metal chassis. The notches in the chassis guarantee perfect plate and frame alignment and positioning. In Coral and Sol, all of the switch or pushbutton mechanisms can be luminous. The luminous signaller is simply connected in front of the mechanism.
bjc Coral

Connection Speed and Safety

All of the switch mechanisms have state-of-the-art automatic terminal connections and independent contact entry with better cover for the wiring. The flexible conductors are connected by comfortably pressing on the release tabs, providing constant fixture and perfect contact.
bjc Coral

Socket outlets with the speed and safety of the STAI system

Simply connect and tighten. The three conductors enter through the top of the socket base and are also screwed on one side. The Coral and Sol bases have the STAI open safety screw system connection, the screws close with a single operation and have an engraved floating nut which prevents the cable from slipping and guarantees perfect fixture across the whole of the contact surface. The outlets, which are supplied separately from the covers, allow terminal connection and fast and comfortable fixture.
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