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BJC currently

BJC is an electric material manufacturer company. We are 170 people staff and we have more than a 3.000 articles supply divided in two sections:

  • Electric material for residential installations (Small Material)
  • Electric material for industrial installations (Industrial Material)

In 2002 BJC renovated its manufacturing facilities with a new 29.000 m2 production centre to centralize all production processes in the same area.
From plastic transformation to cutting and shaping metals.
Assemblies, electric and Quality laboratory, including the Research and Development Department.

On 10th of June 2008, BJC became integrated into Siemens, at the Building Technologies Division, Low Voltage business unit.

In 2011, BJC became a Siemens productive and strategic centre for all the Small Material with the mechanism platform DIN VDE. It produces the BJC series as well as all Siemens Delta series, therefore all R&D, Quality, Marketing functions are transferred from Germany to BJC in Rubí (Barcelona).

BJC will coordinate for Europe the Small Material portfolio of BJC y DELTA Siemens series, as both brands, BJC and Siemens, will be kept in markets where they operate.

During 2010, in order to concentrate the Small Material in BJC, lighting division was transferred from BJC to OSRAM, specialized lighting company also belonged to Siemens Group.

This Siemens recognition to BJC is the result of an intensive work based on research, quality, design and well done work. This approach has led to BJC to obtain the ISO 9001 by Aenor in 1993 for Small Material, and ISO 9001 in 1997 for the Industrial Material Division.

BJC is supported by the ISO 14001 certificate, which demonstrates and ensures proper environmental management in all its processes.


In 1926, D. Buenaventura Josa Camarasa incorporated to his metal workshop the electrical equipment production, showing an excellent vision of the electricity value in the modern world. His electric material’s dedication was quickly complete. So switches, sockets, "pears" buttons and a long list of products designate exclusively for domestic use was appearing.

In 1954, BJC launches the first series of connection boxes and industrial material. Six years later, it produced the first screens and strips, pioneers of a big variety of  "Flector" lights for all types of light sources. From this moment the company was positioned as a leader in the manufacture of electrical equipment in the country and became one of the largest electrical engineering companies in Europe.

This spectacular growth is the sum of passion for providing top quality products and safety and a constant effort to occupy leading position.

Since 1975, when the renowned industrial designer André Ricard began working with the company, resulting in products that marked an era in the industry as the Ibiza series, BJC has continued to focus on design as an essential added value both aesthetically as functional.

All people in BJC share a historical attitude governed by an open and innovative disposition. All departments of the company work since the early 70s on BJC to be able to respond in advance to future people needs in the domestic electrical installations.

These ​​BJC values and the commitment of Siemens to the Spanish market and Little Material were materialized buying the company BJC in 2008.

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