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Our facilities

Productive Process

The productive process covers manufacturing and assembly sections, some entirely devoted to transforming plastics. To achieve this, two basic plastic technologies are used: thermoplastics, by injection, and thermostable, by compression or injection. The techniques minimise waste and optimise the indices of the finished elements.

Special care is taken with the environmental impact by installing a purifying unit for the waste waters produced in the different productive processes.
BJC is currently one of the most advanced factories in its sector and has all production processes adapted to the ISO 14001 standard. It is a clean and environmentally friendly factory capable of producing more and better products.


BJC Warehouse

The warehouse has a surface area of 4,070 m2 and capacity for more than 10,000 pallets, which are moved by 3 transelevators. It has 6 bays for sending out and receiving materials.

Future possible extensions were taken into account in its construction to avoid architectural barriers blocking its growth.

The store is controlled by a simple but effective work process.

Received orders are dealt with by computer and distributed for the best possible preparation to the different posts. The large order lines are prepared from the picking posts and those of smaller volume with order preparers. The operators receive the orders and perform the automatic weighing and labelling.

The warehouse is in the same building as the factory for greater fluidity to give our customers a better service.

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