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The CETACT® plugs and sockets meet the UNE-EN60309-1 and UNE-EN60309-2 standards.

CETACT® has a wide range of plugs and sockets that allow to encompass a comprehensive range of voltages, currents and frequencies.  The position of earthing contact defines the voltage and  frequency. The most usual position is 6h that means that earthing contact is in position of 6 o´clock. The other 12 clock positions of the earthing are also available

Material features:

We should be noted technical polymers properties used in manufacturing insulating parts of CETACT® system, with which it is obtained:

  • Adequate resistance to abnormal heat and fire. It passes the self-extinguishing glow wire test at 850 ° C ( UNE EN 60695-2-1 ).
  • Excellent dielectric and insulating properties.
  • High heat stability.
  • High mechanical resistance.
  • High resistance to chemicals and atmospheric agents.
  • High resistance to U.V.


Funtional features:

The CETACT® system achieves two important characteristics: service reliability and safety. Thanks to the quality of the materials used and the high mechanical pin-base coupling  stability, reliability and continuity of service is achieved . The respect for the standard specifications means security because:

  • It is impossible to couple sockets and plugs if they don't match all its nominal characteristics : current, voltage, frequency and number of contacts.
  • All of them have an earthing contact that connects before and disconnects after than the active contacts.


Manufacturing and Applications range:

The exposed features and the wide range of products make CETACT® applicable in general industry, agricultural facilities, shipyards, warehouses,  sites, laboratories, etc.

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