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Series - Acabados

    Iris Antibacteriano
    Iris Plus Antibacteriano


Antibacterial solutions

Product for new times

BJC presents its range of products with antibacterial finish for Iris and Iris Plus. This finish prevents the survival and transmission of microorganisms, making it the perfect ally to reduce the risk of pathogen infection through transmission by contact. The product has been designed for transit areas or high transit public places, helping to create more hygienic and healthy environments. The antibacterial finish of the Iris and Iris Plus series is an effective defence against the transmission of microorganisms.


The antibacterial agent is not applied with a coating, but is part of the material of the product itself. For this reason, the antibacterial properties do not wear off over time. Although the material wears away, silver ions are still present inside the product. The antibacterial finish is white in colour to indeed offer antibacterial properties.

The antibacterial agent

Silver ions act by interfering with the gas permeability of the membrane (cellular respiration). Once inside the cell, they alter its enzymatic system, inhibiting its metabolism and energy production and modifying its genetic material. The result is that the microorganism quickly loses all ability to grow and reproduce.    One of the virtues of silver is that it is a broad spectrum antimicrobial. Ionic silver kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa.    They are ecological, permanent and non-polluting.    Unlike other chemical disinfectant products, its activity is continuous and long-lasting, and is not eliminated by cleaning the treated product. Its effect is also clean and innocuous for other living beings.


Antibacterial Urea maintains the excellent physical and chemical properties of Urea, such as thermal insulation, fire behaviour, chemical resistance, colour stability, etc. The main characteristics of Urea are detailed on the following pages. The dimensions of the parts with antibacterial finish are the same as the standard finish, so it is possible to exchange the installed parts for the new finish. Visually, there is not much change either, so a special logo has been added to the frame to be able to differentiate the antibacterial product.

Common areas

Ideal product for installation in places where hygiene is a key factor, such as hospitals, residential care homes or welfare centres and in high-traffic areas such as restaurants, offices or residents' associations. All of them are places in which to is important to have control of factors that have polluting effects, as well as guarantee greater safety for residents, workers, customers and visitors.


The antibacterial agent used has been registered in the U.S: FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and included as a biocidal substance in the EUBPR (European Biocides Regulation). The material used for this finish has been certified according to the ISO 22196 standards.

Main functions

An antibacterial finish has been developed for a wide range of the most common functions in the spaces where they are to be installed: broad and double switches, Schuko socket, RJ45 connector, switches for blinds, TV, key card switches and cord pulls.

Urea + antibacterial finish

The antibacterial finish of the Iris and Iris Plus series is an effective barrier against the transmission of microorganisms. Urea, once moulded, does not soften with heat, but rather hardens due to its internal structure. It has a series of qualities such as excellent chemical resistance, high resistance to bending and scratching, and it does not catch fire, which make it an extra safe material, as well as an excellent thermal insulator. The antibacterial functions of Iris and Iris Plus are identical in design to the standard Iris and Iris Plus range.Visual matching allows you to switch from the standard model to the antibacterial version if required.
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