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Series - Acabados

Soft Metal

    Fusion Aluminium
    Prussia Aluminium
    Mabe Pearl White
    Mist Bronze
    Malta Golden

Solid Metal

    Samoa Brown
    Satin White

Combined Metal

    Cosso Mist Bronze
    Cosso Malta Golden
    Cosso Fusion Aluminium
    Cosso Mabe Pearl White

Pure Metal


Textured Metal

    Ash Grey
    Mocca Brown
    Ebony Black




With an ergonomically designed structure to guarantee fast, easy and comfortable installation. It is a small mechanism which maximises the use of space inside the flush box and facilitates the wiring. Iris and Mega offer all of the facilities for a perfect installation.

16 A in switch mechanisms.

The Iris and Mega switch mechanisms have a powerful 16 A automatic connection device ventilated to prevent contact overheating and to extend the life of the mechanisms. They include a terminal conductor and ergonomic terminals with position marks and non-slip relief for comfortable handling and firm fixture. Quality metal frame, without aggressive angles to assure installation. The side notches of the chassis guarantee perfect frame alignment and positioning.

Automatic Signaller Connection

In Iris and Mega, all of the switch or pushbutton mechanisms can be luminous. The luminous signaller is connected very simply in front of the mechanism in the space available in the switch holder.

Socket outlets, with the speed and safety of the STAI system

The socket outlets include child protection and have the characteristic STAI open safety screw system connection. Simply connect and screw down. The screws close with a single operation and have an engraved floating nut which prevents the cable from slipping and guarantees perfect fixture across the whole of the contact surface. The three conductors enter through the top of the socket outlet and are also screwed on one side. The outlets, which are supplied separately from the covers, allow terminal connection and fast and safe fixture.
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